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Healing in Joy: Strategies To Help Black Women Navigate Racial Trauma

Healing in Joy: Strategies To Help Black Women Navigate Racial Trauma

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Strategies To Help Black Women Navigate Racial Trauma

JOY is an active strategy for healing and processing trauma in Black bodies. 

JOY is more than a moment; it is a practice of ongoing healing and resistance! 

This offering looks at joy as an anti-oppressive practice to address race-based trauma and support cultural healing. It is a return to resiliency and restoration that includes adding both justice and joy to our lived experience. Taking the strategies of our generational strength and wisdom along with the adaption of therapeutic approaches to resonate wit

Joy is a human experience we as Black people deserve and are worthy of.

Healing in Joy (HJ) is a practice and process of creating and maintaining cultural joy built into the process of individual and collective healing for Black people. This event offers four different offerings to help us individually and collectively embrace healing; by developing the strategies to cultivate a response Race-Based Trauma (Racialized Trauma).  These sessions are available to the general public. However, some sections are intended for women who identify as Black. Healing in Joy is an evolving program that wishes to offer strategies of healing that is less stagnant and integrates healing methods for intergenerational trauma.

Learning Objectives:

  • Describe and understand race-based Trauma and Racialized Trauma 
  • Explain and describe the symptoms of racial trauma and how it impacts one's Window of Tolerance
  • Describe and understand Somatic Healing as an ancestral means of responding to racial trauma. 
  • Describe somatic strategies and how they can help to bring people back into their Window of Tolerance
  • Explain Grounding Techniques and how they can help people cope with anxiety and trauma symptoms
  • Demonstrate and understand the importance of creating a community and forming healing circles as a collective response to racial trauma.   
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