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30 Love Yourself Activity Cards: A Black Woman's Self-Love Guide

30 Love Yourself Activity Cards: A Black Woman's Self-Love Guide

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Self-Love Activity Cards are adapted from our self-love for guided journals and were created based on my recent work and journey with a few of my clients separating from their partners and/or divorced. As a therapist, I discovered that many of my clients were engaged in transition and loss that would impact their self-image, self-esteem, and ultimately their self-love. This prompted me to create structured activities toward the closing of our work to help rediscover and/or maintain multiple ways to demonstrate self-love.

Discover some of the practical ways to demonstrate self-love with 30 different activities.

30 Activities include:
Daily Acts to demonstrate self-love activities

This is an intentional tool to help you to remember the importance of your relationship with you.
Self-love is a part of self-care that supports practicing things daily and mindfulness helps to relax and demonstrate your self-esteem.

Journaling is intended to help you get started and learn techniques that help you to both create and maintain a healthy self-care routine.

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